8 Ways to Monetise Your Blog

Is blogging your passion? Is writing one of your skills? Do you like writing on topics you are interested in and have broad knowledge to share with others?

Hobby blogging is cool, but blogging to make money is a real challenge.

The rules of life and employment change day by day. Fewer and fewer can actually count on long-term employment and often those ‘privileged’ who are, can make barely enough to cover basic expenses and live a comfortable lifestyle.

So, why not to turn your hobby and experience into real income on the internet?

If you have already started thinking about monetizing your blog, then you’re in the right place!

Stay focused and keep quality

Before you start investing all the time to monetize your blog, take a step back and think about your initial goal! Two parameters really matter and affect your success.

The first parameter is your target group. Have you already identified your niche? If yes, then stay focused and write about topics that your community finds interesting and valuable. Be selective and filter the topics that you blog about. Your priority is your niche. Understand their needs and try to find solutions for them. Your audience is already waiting!

First and foremost, deliver a quality piece of content that makes your followers excited and engaged. Your content should always enhance your credibility and build trust!

Your blog's content should be relevant, valuable and supported by great USP. This will help you rock out and beat your competitors.

Of course, content is king, so writing your content is a super important step one, but if you decide to turn your hobby into a profitable business, then there are a few more things you need to take care of.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the most effective ways to monetize your blog is through affiliate marketing. It's not a groundbreaking strategy, but it works even for new bloggers. Not familiar with affiliate marketing? Here’s how it works:?

Let's take an example.

You are a new fashion blogger in the process of growing your audience and boosting your traffic. Having a source of income is important to you.

As a fashion blogger, you can partner with big brands but also local fashion retailers who are keen on promoting their products on your blog. In the first stage, companies will give you a unique link to place on your blog. Of course, a catchy description always helps to attract the attention of your visitors and finally convince them to buy this specific product. When customers buy the advertised product, you will earn a commission.

The graphic below gives a visual presentation of the process.

Affiliate marketing

So, in a few words, affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission when someone visits your blog and purchases a product by clicking on a link in one of your articles. It's the fastest income generation stream for new bloggers.

It's important to remain selective and even quite picky about your product options. A useful recommendation is to promote products that are relevant within your niche that naturally it in with your content. It also helps if you promote products you personally like and often use. This way, you can influence the purchase preferences of your community, without compromising quality and trust.

Offer courses for your community

Are you an experienced blogger with comprehensive knowledge in your field?

If the answer is yes, why don't you create an exclusive learning opportunity for your visitors by building a paid online course? Start by setting up a 2-month blogging course section on topics that your target audience is interested in learning about.

Offer your followers both free and paid courses. Your audience will highly appreciate that you share the basic principles of your field for free. And you can use the free content to persuade them to enroll in the more advanced paid courses.

Like courses, you can also provide services. Some bloggers also work as freelance writers and they get paid to write content for other blogs and companies. Such partnerships always offer a sort of additional income and enhance your partnerships with key players in your sector.

Organize live workshops

The next step after creating your teaching courses is to organize a workshop. Many people find workshops an appealing opportunity to interact with an instructor and ask questions face-to-face.

While the main reason for organising a workshop is to educate your audience, it's also the perfect arena to promote your work and your own products / services. Think of it as a business occasion to meet potential clients and investors. In addition to that, you can make special agreements with guest speakers by inviting them to your workshops and giving them room to present their own products. It's a win-win opportunity for both parties.

Review products and get paid

Focus on generating a considerable amount of traffic to your blog and position yourself as an "influencer" among your community.

Businesses and startups always looking for influencers and popular bloggers who can review their products / services. Companies are ready to pay for a review or a sponsored post.

Paid reviews are when a business sends you their product and pays you to write honestly about it - whether or not you have a positive opinion about it. Just be honest with your readers! Always remember that you should only recommend tools or products that are relevant to them.

Make profit but don't cheat your followers. If you introduce something that is completely irrelevant to your blog's purpose or doesn't solve any of your community's problems, then your review won't have any real impact.

Consult with potential clients

Consulting is a popular method to monetize your blog and earn an additional income. Again, think strategically. You're more knowledgeable than others in a specific sector, so naturally, people will be open to hear your advice and recommendations.

Let me give you an example. You blog is about social media tactics. Offer a consulting opportunity to people and companies for building and implementing a successful social media strategy. Mind your competition before proposing your package. You're not the only player in the game, but act as if you are by highlighting your best results and preparing a great presentation for your clients.

Also, encourage them to leave positive feedback or a review on your blog. This is the best way to convince new clients to approach you with a similar request.

Display ads on your website

Even though you're a newbie, you might have heard of Google Adsense or even seen the Adsense ads when you visited a website. Google Adsense is the most well-known ad network for bloggers. You earn money by simply displaying ads on your website. Crazy eh? And how does it work?

There are two major ways you can start earning money using Adsense:

  • Based on impressions: ad revenue is calculated based on page / ad views
  • Based on the number of clicks: ad revenue is calculated based on the number of clicks on the ad.

Your profitability depends on several factors, and can be hard to predict. These factors include:

  • The popularity and the amount of traffic your blog generates
  • The number of advertisers in your niche
  • The quality of your content on your blog
  • Your Adsense ad placement in relation to your competition.

Write an E-Book

This option is mainly chosen by experienced bloggers who have already positioned themselves as influencers in the market and have built up a loyal audience. However, I wouldn't exclude newbies from trying out this tactic.

So, why write an e-book?

Writing and selling an e-book is one of the most effective ways of generating additional revenue with your blog. You have proven experience so, why don't you write a comprehensive e-book that offers unique and valuable knowledge about your niche?

You can sell your e-book on your blog but also on Amazon and through Apple iStore.

Don't forget the donation option

Many bloggers don't even think of this option, but it really helps bloggers who are still developing their websites and require extra income to keep maintaining it.

Offer this possibility to your audience and get benefit from it as your readers might appreciate your work and be moved to help you in some way. You might be surprised but there are a lot of people who are keen on helping you if your articles are useful for them.

Final words

To start building your blog, you don't need to be an expert, but you do need to be passionate about your field. Find out what your niche is and write for them. Monetizing your blog is the next step which becomes increasingly smooth, with blogging experience.

The below steps are a good start, but you need to adjust them based on your blog's theme and needs.

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