How to Find the Best Prospect for Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most prominent link building techniques. The idea behind it is pretty simple- you write a top-quality piece of content and publish it on an authoritative site in your niche to earn relevant backlinks.

Of course, getting as many authoritative sites as possible is immensely important for your SEO. Your backlinks tell Google how relevant your site is. In a way, Google uses them as a decisive factor when assessing your site’s importance and trustworthiness.

Guest blogging also boosts your rankings and helps you generate organic traffic, popularity, relevance, and the overall domain authority.

Finally, it does wonders for your brand image. Namely, once you start publishing on some of most authoritative sites, it’s only a matter of time before your target audience starts to notice your work and appreciate your expertise.

Now, the only problem with guest blogging is the fact that it has changed significantly over time. Today, to set yourself apart, you need to publish on high-value and authoritative sites only.

Here is how to find them.

The Basic Google Search

This strategy serves as an amazing starting point for you. You conduct a manual search and combine the right keywords until you’ve created a list of relevant guest blogging opportunities.

For instance, if you’re looking for sites where you can publish fitness-related articles, you should search Google for something like: “fitness write for us” “fitness guest blogging,” “fitness writer guidelines.”

Once you enter these queries, Google will provide you with a number of industry-related sites that have specific pages or sections dedicated to guest posting.

The only problem with this practice is the fact that you need to spend countless hours on manual digging. Worse yet, this is just the first of numerous steps you need to take. You need to check each of these sites thoroughly, find the topics relevant to them, as well as pay attention to numerous metrics to see whether they’re even worth connecting with.

Advanced Search

If the previous strategy doesn’t provide you with enough quality link building prospects, it’s time to start using some advanced link building techniques. Like with the examples above, it all starts with entering the right keywords. This is why you need to first develop a list of targeted phrases and topics which you can combine with your search strings, such as: “fitness,” “fitness equipment,” “fitness plan,” etc.

To narrow down your search queries and make them more meaningful, you should use advanced search operators. Some of them are:

  • The intitle search. Obviously, this one searches for the desired text within page titles. This operation is amazing for analyzing content and checking if the topic you’re planning to cover has already been written about on a certain website.
  • The inurl search looks for keywords and search strings within the URL.
  • The exact match search. You need to put quotation marks around a certain phrase or search topic to tell a search engine to give you only exact results for your query.
  • The cut search helps you eliminate everything irrelevant to your search. For example, if you type “fitness” -nutrition, Google will eliminate all results related to nutrition.
  • The site search ( limits searches to a specific website.
  • The OR search technique helps you search for multiple terms at once.

Follow Influencers Around

All major bloggers are online and, to build relationships with them, you need to follow them around. It’s very important to keep in mind that the overly aggressive approach and idea pitching will lead you nowhere.

Instead, you need to build a solid strategy and get to know your targets before you reach out to them. This is called influencer stalking and this is one of the most effective ways to find relevant guest blogging opportunities.

Influential people in your niche have built a wide audience of their brand advocates and followers. Most importantly, they’ve invested years in building a solid personal brand image and authority. Therefore, they can help you promote your content and make it visible to loads and loads of people you’d probably never manage to reach out to on your own.

Apart from boosting your site visits and helping you generate new leads and followers, social media influencers and bloggers will also introduce you to other respected people in your niche. And, the more people you know, the greater the changes you’ll have to publish your content on top quality sites.

Remember, networking is the holy grail of the digital world.

Now, there are numerous online channels where you can find your link prospects. For example, Twitter makes it possible for you to find your link building opportunities through simple hashtag searches. If this doesn’t work for you, you can also type the “keyword + guest post” search string in Twitter’s search bar and get the desired results. You can even use its advanced search features to refine your search queries and make them more relevant.

Competitor Analysis

Always keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Regardless of what you do, write, or sell online, it’s more than likely that you’re competing with thousands of different brands with the same list of clients/customers/readers.

Worse yet, most of them are in the business for years. They have built a solid digital marketing strategy to rank high in the SERPs. No matter how stressful this all is, having powerful competitors gives you an amazing opportunity to study their ideas and replicate their most successful strategies.

For example, you can do your competitors’ backlink analysis and see what the most authoritative sites pointing back to their sites are. This is how you will find a detailed list of blogs and domains where you can publish your content.

Over to You

Guest blogging is an incredibly complex technique that requires a lot of work and dedication. This is why it cannot be summarized that easily.

Still, the practices mentioned above are vital to your guest blogging efforts. If you implement them as soon as possible, you will not only boost your traffic and rankings, but also take your overall brand image to the next level.

How do you find best prospects for guest blogging?