How Content Marketing Can Build Trust

Content is king, but also a piece of art.

Content needs to be tailor-made to serve its own purpose. Over centuries, humanity used content as the main source of people's communication. It's an efficient way to deliver thoughts and beliefs, get engaged and build up sustainable relationships within the community.

Content's format has changed in the recent years. In the past, people could possibly find a valuable piece of content in books, academic journals, leaflets and magazines.

Digitalization opened up the horizons. It made the content creation and distribution process more accessible to the audience.

Content marketing is essential for marketers to tell their brand's story, earn trust and engage their community.

Realising the importance of the educational content, Intellyo has created the Creator Engine. This tool is all about making the creation, publication, and promotion an easy task for everyone. The Creator Engine has the capacity to provide a completed guidance during the content creation journey using the power of data.

But, let's discover first content marketing and its way to build trust and relationships!

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a part of a well structured and defined process. It aims to engage and grow your customer base through high-quality content.

The goal is to create valuable and comprehensive content for your audience and influence them. The key element of the entire process is to build TRUST among your community.

According to the Content Marketing Institute:

"Content Marketing is the art of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract and engage a target audience with the goal of driving profitable customer action".

In the digital marketing world, being trustworthy among your community is not an easy task to accomplish. To boost your brand awareness and make your audience familiar with your product or service, you need to produce content like:

  • blog posts
  • videos, audios & podcasts
  • newsletters & tutorials
  • infographics

In 2017, B2B companies use content marketing massively on a global scale. According to recent statistics, 90% of the B2B respondents prefer content marketing as a tactic in 2016. And this percentage is gradually increasing in 2017.

Percentage of B2B respondents using Content Marketing

Smart Insights' research prove the importance of content marketing as well. Study shows that 20.3% of the respondents chose content marketing as the most trendy digital marketing technique of 2017.

Digital marketing techniques 2017

So, following the international realms, content marketing is pretty dominant. But, you need to take one more step before creating content.

It is very important to define your buyer personas and think what they actually need to read and get informed about.

Every piece of content should deliver a specific value:

  • Educate your audience
  • Generate more leads
  • Reach potential customers.

Use storytelling for better content marketing

Storytelling is the best way to attract and engage people. Stories can be memorable, interesting and attractive. People like them because they enhance their imagination, grab their attention and add value.

In content marketing, you produce your own stories - your brand's stories. Content should be relevant, valuable and supported by great USP which helps stand out from the rest.

Once, you start to tell your brand's story, people will interact and respond providing you with important customer feedback. They will share your content, comment on social media and spread the word about you to their family, friends and colleagues. This is a very logical process on how audience reacts and interacts with a brand.

How to build trust and relationships with content marketing

In real life, building relationships and earning the trust of a person is very hard.

You might meet a person with whom you will feel comfortable and establish an instant friendship. But you are more likely to build friendships over years based on mutual interests, life approaches and philosophies.

Trust and relationships between you and your audience work in a similar way.

Here are five suggestions to build trust with content:

  • Be consistent and implement a customer-centric approach. Offer a highly educational and valuable piece of content to your audience that makes your brand trustworthy and credible.
  • Discover what topics your target audience might be interested in reading and solve their problem.
  • Deliver quality content that finds solutions and adds knowledge.
  • Provide your content free of charge. Remember that content marketing is not about selling.
  • Follow your initial strategic marketing plan. Its objectives are important to identify your buyer personas and create relevant content for them.

Another strategy is to make allies. It can foster your brand awareness and enhance your product or service reputation. By the word "allies", I refer to experts or professionals in your industry who are acknowledged. They could possibly promote your work, share best practices, provide you with a concrete feedback and advice.

You can start connecting and expanding your network on meetups. Being present at such meetups is a very efficient way to get trusted and build credibility in your industry.

Case study: Volkswagen's campaign builds trust

In 2016, Volkswagen launched a campaign aiming to build trust in the brand. It mainly focused on people's life experiences and memories. The concept was very simple. Every car is connected with a story.

In other words, Volkswagen has been and is still remaining the "people's car". It's always linked with their most beautiful moments and memories. This campaign is a great example of how customers can trust Volkswagen's products on a daily basis.

Source: vwvortex1

How Intellyo creates content and builds relationships

The main goal of our blog is to create high-quality content and to educate our audience. We create three types of articles on research, content marketing and growth marketing. We write these articles for you to find solutions for your problems.

Our customer-centric approach helps us build and follow a well-defined content marketing strategy. Either you are a beginner or a professional, you can always learn with us!

Of course, we recognize the relevance of learning but also creating your own piece of content without struggling. Planning, producing and distributing content should be an enjoyable process for everyone. This is the magic of Creator Engine. Simply request a demo and get familiar with this tool.

Intellyo also focuses on building relationships and connecting with high-level experts and bloggers who are willing to share their knowledge and achievements.

Every step leads to educate our audience. It builds a strong and trustworthy brand by providing interesting, relevant and valuable content.