How to Write a Quality Article Fast

You have already heard several times that "content is king". But writing a quality article for your blog fast, it's a real challenge!

Starting from the basics, by the word "content", we are referring to any information that exists online and can be consumed online ( blog articles, videos, infographics etc).

Considering the variety of options, this article primarily focuses on how to help you create a quality article on your blog without wasting valuable time.

Why is article writing a big challenge?

According to statistics, 76% of marketers write blog articles. Blogging is good as it contributes to business growth.

Blogging is a vital element of the inbound methodology, helps convert strangers into visitors and reflects the desired goal better. Many of you are struggling to create great content that adds real value and stands out from the rest. But why?

Creating a great blog content is a science and that's why it is not an easy task.

We decided to run a survey and identify the biggest concerns of content writing. According to the results of our survey, the majority of the respondents admitted that they spent too much time on writing. While nearly 40% of them pointed to the biggest challenge: staying original.

Biggest challenges on article writing

Indeed, if you want to write a high-quality content for your blog, you probably need to dedicate time to collect sources, start to elaborate on it, edit it and finally distribute it. If this process seems long, then there is an additional issue that needs to consider. And this is content's originality!

To write a unique blog article is one of the key factors of your blog's success. Even though creating "original written content'' for your article can be a challenge, Intellyo can help you out. Simply, request a demo and explore the advantages of the Intellyo's engine.

Create a quality article on your blog quickly with the Creator Engine

Intellyo has recently developed one revolutionary tool which can help you to create a powerful content strategy and in parallel provide you with more resources to focus on your ideas. This tool is called the Creator Engine. This tool perfectly guides you through your content creation journey.

But who can benefit from the Creator Engine?

Basically, everyone who loves writing and blogging can highly benefit from the Creator's Engine features. Also, professionals with an advanced knowledge of a certain topic can take advantage of this tool and make their content rock!

Besides individuals, the Creator Engine can be valuable for small-scale companies but also big corporations in various industries which regularly create articles. Content is a great communication channel. Consumers increasingly expect companies to communicate their products and services through content that adds value to their life. Companies can get useful insights for their customers and enhance their branding.

At Intellyo, we are working hard every day with the mission to build the best tool for creators online. We have reached some amazing milestones and now we would like to ask you to join us for this amazing journey! Starting from today, you can register for Intellyo to get your credentials in mid of February. We would love you to share your experience with us. Let's build a great product together!

But let me introduce you to our Creator Engine.

The Creator Engine

The Creator Engine is a Content Process Management System (CPMS). It has been designed to help you creating a valuable article with a great impact. It automates every possible step through the creation content flow and makes writing enjoyable with less time and full of ideas. The goal is simple: Create a unique article, full of fresh and useful ideas in an efficient and fast way.

The Creator Engine has the capacity to analyze the best-performing articles in your niche and give you suggestions on what you should write about. It can provide you with a completed article creation road map including your main structure, your main headings, and your main keywords.

In less than 10 minutes, you will be able to elaborate on your topic in a very effective manner.

Furthermore, the Creator Engine can enhance your collaboration with your team in different ways. It offers you the option to set up customised roles such as Editor in Chief and allow you to supervise effectively your team members across the entire content creation process. This way, you can assign tasks to them and check the progress that has been made on those tasks. Companies which cooperate with freelancers, writers, bloggers, and other contributors can highly benefit from the Creator Engine.

Again, the Creator Engine is here to solve your problems!

Now let's discover the main features of the Creator Engine.

Keyword research bar

Have you ever experience the blank page effect?

The Creator Engine can solve this problem by simplifying the entire research process. Basically, the only thing is needed from your side, is to add a few keywords.

Here is an example of the research of our colleague, Norbert. He ran a keyword research for his article about Gestalt theory in the UX design process.

As you can see, the keyword research gave him suggestions and proposals on how to start building his article structure.

Gestalt psychology UX

If you click the "see more" button, you can automatically receive suggestions on your title, headings and content structure which is brilliant as you can get benefited in two different ways.

First of all, you can find easily a catchy and consistent title for your article. Having a great title, it attracts your audience attention and makes them understand the basic scenario of your article. Also, it helps you to fulfill the fundamental SEO principle so that your article ranks well and attracts more visitors. Your article should be SEO optimised to receive a high-ranking position on Google.

Secondly, you receive automatically a very well-defined template to follow and build the best performing article in your niche. As a creator, this feature is the best option for you as you can save plenty of time, get inspiration and make the article creation process faster and more efficient.

Content Quality Analyser

Content Quality Analyser is mainly related to your content's optimisation for search engines.

Content Quality Analyser

The initial aim of this feature is to analyse your article's content and improve its SEO by offering a detailed presentation of its advantages and defaults. Warnings are usually the points that need a further elaboration and improvement. With the Content Quality Analyser, you can write your article and in parallel, you can check what it is lacking. This way, you improve your content and identify all the missing but important points in no time. Impressive huh?

Intellyo Media Center

Intellyo Media Center is an integrated digital assets management system where you can perfectly upload, edit and record all the details of your images and videos. It is a very useful feature as it offers you the chance to add tags to your image/ video and save the source.

To maintain all your visuals stored in an organised manner, can be a difficult and time-wasting process.

As you all know very well, time is precious! Using the Intellyo Media Center, you can be sure that all your visuals are gathered and organised properly and have the chance to re-use them at any time you wish.

Featured Image

It is an integrated tool which uses a specific format for adding your photos to your article. So, you do not need to spend additional time in editing them in a separate program.

Featured Image

How can you benefit from this feature?

Simply, you do not need to worry about cropping and adjusting your images to the entire article format. Everything is predefined to make your life easier and finish your article fast.


During the writing creation process, you have probably experienced a moment when you feel overwhelmed. You have many ideas but you do not really have an efficient tool which could let you access them easily.

Don't worry...


The Notes can help you store your ideas and the output of your entire research. It allows collecting valuable sources from the web just by highlighting while reading. Also, you can collect, sort and add checklists creating your own "to do list". This is the best way to keep yourself organised and motivated while writing your article.

Your notes are also a great guide to the content creation process. They contribute to your structure, define your goal and lead you to the desired outcome; to create a valuable article that stands out and have a great impact on your targeted audience.

Plagiarism Checker

Plenty of times, you tried to check and validate the originality of your article's content. There are millions of sources on the web and many experts in your field who wrote the same or a similar topic with yours. It is ok to write about an existing topic but you are not allowed to copy another's work and thoughts. Plagiarism is a common mistake and it should be avoided.

Creating unique content is challenging uh? Yes, but you are not alone!

The Creator Engine has integrated a trustworthy plagiarism checker tool. The plagiarism checker helps you avoiding plagiarism and producing authentic articles for your blog.

Still not totally convinced? Simply watch our video and find out how Intellyo's engine can help you!

Ideas on how to distribute your unique article fast

Well done!

You managed to create an authentic article fast and without struggling! One more step is needed to reach success!

Distribution is the next step in the entire process where you make your blog's article visible to your audience. Remember! Your content won't be useful for anyone if you skip the distribution stage.

Recognising the importance of distribution, Intellyo has an awesome Christmas gift for you. We have gathered the top 15 performing distribution channels for you to start 2018 with a higher social reach.

Final words

The content creation process is long but Intellyo has been developing the right tools to help you out to maximise your results and create a great article on your blog. The Creator Engine is using machine learning in a revolutionary way that leads you through the end-to-end process of building your article's content that your audience loves.

If you are interested in, register now and get your credential in mid of February. Start collaborating with your colleagues and write great articles.