Learn from the Giants: 5 Content Marketing Strategies to Adopt from Major Brands

Enterprises can spend a huge amount of time and energy developing an effective content marketing campaign, and then on top of that, spend an astronomical amount of cash implementing that campaign. Content marketing is essential because it can foster brand loyalty, define or maintain your company’s image and even communicate with customers directly in many instances.

However, trends in this area of enterprise marketing can change quickly, so your campaign needs to be refined and focused. Finding a way to create and execute a flawless, effective content marketing campaign for your enterprise is essential to make the investment worth it.

Many major corporations have achieved great levels of success through their various efforts by approaching their content marketing efforts strategically. After you learn more about the strategies that big players have used successfully, you can make thoughtful adjustments to your own content marketing campaign to boost results.

1. Social Media Presence

One of the most effective platforms to incorporate into your content marketing campaign is social media. Social media platforms provide you with a direct, focused way to get in front of your audience.

One good example of how social media efforts were used by a major company is Cisco’s use of social media to announce a new router.

A product launch should ideally have associated marketing that generates interest in the new product, and this is exactly what happened when Cisco ventured into social media-based content marketing. Social media methods are direct as well as cost-effective. Cisco realized that it saved $100,000 on marketing by taking this approach.

Through content marketing efforts on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, you can raise awareness about new products, services, promotions and more in a direct and affordable way.

Venturing into a new realm of marketing or using established marketing platforms in new ways can be intimidating. Cisco used the router’s launch as a trial for future content marketing campaigns, and this trial gave the enterprise confidence to continue to use social media platforms going forward.


2. High-Quality Content and Content Upgrades

The effectiveness of content marketing is about more than just tossing information out to consumers in various ways. The content needs to have purpose and meaning. It should be high-quality and useful to your users. Several enterprises have achieved excellent results from their content marketing campaigns by regularly incorporating quality content into their efforts.

Close.io uses blogs and podcasts to deliver high-quality content to customers. Rather than focusing only on keywords, they create content that has exceptional meaning and that is meant to be read and absorbed by its audience. HubSpot has learned that connecting helpful blog posts to relevant guides, studies and more can yield improved marketing results because these links add meaning.

As your team creates content for your marketing efforts, always aim for quality. The content they produce should benefit your readership and provide them with actionable advice.

Creating such content can take a lot of time and resources, so help your team speed things up with collaboration tools. For example, you can use OneDrive or Intellyo to work on the content together, add comments to drafts, resolve issues and more. These and other tools allow your team to easily collaborate, share documents and findings, and work on the go. They can work effectively wherever they are and streamline the creation of new content.

3. Design, Visuals, and Ease of Use

In order to encourage readers to view and absorb your content, it should be visually appealing. The design of the page should foster easy readability. It should also include various visuals that support the content in different ways. Infographics, links to e-books and even short guides are thoughtful alternatives to videos and images.

GoPro has seized the benefits of creative visuals in its marketing campaigns. As a producer of action-based video cameras, the company regularly posts user-generated videos by their users on YouTube. Their YouTube profile now has more than 4 million subscribers.

BirchBox offers beauty supplies and products to its customers, so understandably, its content needs to be visually appealing. It regularly incorporates stunning visuals into its content. It also uses Tumblr to host its blog.

Rather than rush through the selection process for graphics, make sure each graphic relates to the content.

More than that, the graphics should be eye-catching and garner immediate interest. There’s a lot of tools available that will help you make awesome graphics for a decent price, and some are even free.

4. The Message

As important as it is to produce effective, quality content that speaks to your audience, enterprises that have successfully mastered content marketing know that the online messages must be connected with their business in some way. Essentially, the messages should correspond well with the enterprise’s image or brand.

TED is known for producing effective, meaningful content through conferences, speeches, presentations and more. It specifically focuses on creating content that its users will want to view and share with others. These are highly-relevant topics that are related to the ideas and interests that the company was founded on.


As your team develops content for your marketing campaigns, they should start by defining the scope of your message. Allow this message to guide content development efforts.

5. Make it Interesting

Some enterprises offer products and services that are much more interesting to their target audience than others. As you may remember from your years in college, great professors can make even the most boring or dry material interesting for you to learn about. The key is to present the content the right way.

IBM offers tech equipment and related consulting services, which understandably is a dull topic for many people. However, this enterprise has a knack for turning boring topics into fascinating marketing material. One example of this is its tiny film that displayed the importance of being able to move atoms effectively. This movie-style marketing piece was a major hit, and it even earned a nod from the Guinness World Record Association.

Consider who your target audience is and why they may be interested in your products or services. Then, develop a creative way to convey your message in a fascinating way.

Final words

Content marketing can seem difficult for some companies to master, but mastery in this area is essential if you want to achieve incredible results from your marketing campaign. If you have not achieved desired results from content marketing efforts thus far or if you would like to take your results to a new level, it makes sense to take a closer look at how these principles can be applied to your upcoming campaigns.