The Good, the Bad and the Alternatives to SEO Writing Assistant by SEMrush

Great news for content creators looking to write SEO friendly articles: today SEMrush launched their SEO Writing Assistant tool on Product Hunt. 🚀

SEMrush and Intellyo have a mission in common: we want to help professionals to write SEO optimized content that rocks. 💪

As we are enthusiastic bloggers and the proud team behind the Intellyo Creator Engine, we proof tested the new tool. When writing this review, we collected feedback from Product Hunters in order to get the full picture. Here's the result: a sneak peek of the SEMrush Writing Assistant.

Ease of use

The tool is super easy to use! Getting started takes only 3 minutes.

You can quickly integrate the Assistant with your Wordpress account or with Google Docs by using a simple add-on. After connecting your accounts, the tool is ready to rock.

On-page SEO

Pro: The tool suggests target keywords and gives brief recommendations for the page title and the meta description. SEMrush is a very up-to-date tool with a hard-working team behind so when you are losing track of Google updates, you can rely on them for optimal lengths in your metas, headlines and posts.

Cons: Today, on-page SEO goes further than keywords and keeping character lengths with a great shift in focus towards user experience. SEMrush's tool scans your text but it skips the full picture, such as keyword density, internal and external linking, page speed, or checking the <h1> tags. However, knowing the SEMrush team, they probably have a master plan behind their tool and will be rolling out new features soon.

Keyword Research

Pros: SEMrush has a huge database, in fact over 140, to gather domain and keyword analytics. Very importantly, when searching for keywords, you can set the country of your audience to make your choice location-relevant.

Cons: The tool could be more specific. For instance, it suggests too many target keywords and it becomes difficult to choose the one that works the best for your masterpiece, especially without prior SEO experience. At times, the tool doesn't have enough data to show for certain keywords.

Alternative: Yoast SEO


Grammar Checker

Pros: Polishing your copy to perfection is a tiresome challenge and some help always comes in handy. The tool allows you to easily find your mistakes in the copy so you can focus on letting your ideas flow.

Cons: It’s just awesome! 🤘

Alternatives: Grammarly

Readability score

Pros: It grades the article’s readability based on the Flesch reading-ease score formula and compared to your top competitors according to Google.

Cons: The assistant is missing to integrate headlines and meta descriptions on the readability score. SEMrush could include deeper analytics of the text, such as Grammarly does, and add factors, such as the style (formal/informal), the intent, the audience and the emotion of the text.

Alternatives: Hemingway App, Yoast SEO

Integrations: Google Docs & Wordpress

Pros: The SEMrush team made sure to create a perfect fit for the writers' workflows already in place. The Assistant can be added to your Google Docs or Wordpress with only a few clicks.

Cons: It doesn't support other CMSs/distribution channels like Drupal, Linkedin Pulse, Medium etc.

Alternatives: Wordpress SEO plugins, Intellyo Creator Engine

Price 💰

Pros: The payment happens through a SEMrush account so if you are a Pro Plan subscriber, you have no extra costs. (However, for the plagiarism feature, you need a Guru plan.) Even though, the tool's price might seem high at first glance, paying for all the abovementioned alternatives, to get the same job done, would certainly cost you more. SEMRush's packages are definitely worth the price as it's one of most professional SEO tools in the market.

Cons: it’s quite expensive, with monthly prices ranging from $99.95 to $399.95. When buying these packages, you should consider the value added for your business. 

Alternatives: MOZ Keyword Explorer, Intellyo Creator Engine

Final thoughts

All things considered, the SEO Writing Assistant helps writers to optimize their content and readers to have a more enjoyable experience. As bloggers, we are excited every time we see a new product that enhances the web's content. Well done, SEMrush, great start!