5 Winning Ways to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic and Leads


Sometimes corporate accounts on social media look like an uninhabited desert and the traffic they drive to a company website is next to nothing. As a result, there is a misconception that social media is a poor lead generation channel.

Meanwhile, social networks offer huge opportunities for most businesses. For instance, their lead conversion rates are 13 percent higher than the average one. Moreover, 80 percent of marketers indicated that their social media efforts actually increased traffic. In other words, there are a lot of prospective leads waiting to be converted into your customers.

So, what’s the problem? Why doesn’t every business succeed in social media marketing? The answer is pretty simple: the majority of companies are unaware of how to put in place a strategy that’s focused on driving traffic and leads. Instead, they post weird industry-related memes and count likes.

Let's stop wasting time and finally make some money! Now we'll walk you through five practical ways of how to start capturing leads through social media.

1) Position and differ your brand on social media

First things first. Start with finding a way to differ your brand presence from the competition and be useful/interesting/entertaining for your prospects. Tips that will help you stand out on social media:

1) Find an unboring angle

The majority of corporate accounts are boring. Not because their business industries are boring, but because there is a boring angle of looking at them.

So, stop looking at your business as a boring one. Don’t continuously describe your product features. In fact, nobody cares about them on social media. Every product has features. Instead, focus on capturing your prospects’ attention. Be unboring, eye-catching and entertaining. It’s the first step on the way to driving traffic and leads.

2) Research the competition

Try to get as many insights from your competitors as possible. Social media competitive analysis may help you understand how the target audience responds to your rivals’ social posts. That may give you a better idea what it takes to build a solid presence on social networks and how to shape your own strategy.

You will be surprised how much you can learn with a little bit of digging into your industry. Using tools like Intellyo, Hootsuite, Website Grader, InfiniGraph, Sprout Social and others you can:

  • Monitor lead generation success of the competition
  • Find most engaging social channels
  • Discover time and days that bring maximum traction to your posts
  • Track ad production of rivals
  • Learn which content was influential
  • See how often the prospects discuss your rivals

3) Create an audience-centric content strategy

Lead generation on social media is about bringing prospects into your sales funnel, not direct sales. The most common mistake social media marketers make is creating content first and pushing it along with the aggressive promotion. Resist. This. Urge.

Instead, you have to be interested in your prospects. Start with identifying your audience and gathering information with the following tools:

For example, being a Slack alternative, here at Chanty we can analyze Slack audience on Facebook to adjust our social media strategy:

Analyzing competitors via Facebook Audience Insights

You can analyze your rivals’ business pages in the same way on every media channel.

2) Coordinate social media, support and sales efforts

Social media, support and sales departments play a key role in generating leads. Unfortunately, these teams often fail to cooperate. For instance, a support department knows nothing about a promotion marketers are running. At the same time a salesperson promises features that their product doesn’t offer and a social media manager knows nothing about real customer pain points. As a consequence, a company is constantly losing leads and revenue.

Alternatively, everybody and most importantly customers win when your social media managers’ efforts are aligned with other departments. Fostering collaboration between marketing, support and sales teams will result in: 

  • Acquiring qualified leads
  • Smooth prospects’ moving through the sales funnel
  • Excellent customer support via social media
  • Brilliant content ideas from support team (as they know exactly what disturbs your prospects)
  • Winning rivals’ unsatisfied customers

3) Pick the right social media platform and learn everything about it

One of the worst mistakes you can make right from the start is trying to get leads from the wrong social media channel.

For instance, with over one billion users, it’s easy to assume that Facebook is the best choice. But for B2B marketers, the vast majority of leads are generated through LinkedIn. So, picking the right social media channel can be a game-changer.

Speaking of the techniques you use to acquire leads, it’s crucial to have solid knowledge about hidden lead generation tricks and best practices of managing a chosen social network.

Want to choose Facebook as a primary lead source? Make use of custom tabs.

Picked Twitter? Don’t forget about Twitter Cards. Go for LinkedIn? Adopt its Publishing platform and SlideShare. Youtube? Use video annotations with clickable call-to-actions.

4) Engage, engage and engage again

Next time you avoid talking to your target audience, consider this: 1 in 3 people go to competitors when ignored on social and 34 percent of people choose social media as their top choice for customer care.

Keeping your community engaged is one of the most important aspects of generating leads via social channels. Check out the simple ways to increase social engagement quickly:

1) Feature a real person

The majority of corporate accounts look distant and unreal because of their impersonal approach to communication. Instead, use first person voice when posting updates, answering comments and initiating engagement with your brand.

Personal conversation by Buffer

2) Tag influencers in your posts

Whenever you mention influencers on your website content, let them know by tagging them in a post promoting this content.

3) Initiate the conversation

What is a community-builder’s biggest nightmare? The Likes for the posts are made only by a page manager. And it’s your responsibility to motivate followers to be active and sparkle the conversation in order to help your business page come alive.

5) And last but not least: make sure that your website is optimized for conversions

Stats shows that 80 percent of time spent on social media is from mobile gadgets. Therefore, make sure that your landing page is responsive, lightweight and fast.


That’s it! Making a few tweaks to your social media strategy, you can boost driving traffic and leads to your website:

  1. Find your own brand voice on social media
  2. Coordinate the social media marketing with support and sales
  3. Focus your efforts on the most effective social media channel
  4. Treat your social media community like a friend and engage it constantly
  5. Optimize your website for mobile traffic

What do you think? Do you use any of the above-mentioned methods to foster lead generation through social media channels?