Best Practices for Creatives on Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most popular platforms for brands to advertise their products and services in a creative and attractive way. It is highly recommended to use Instagram in order to capture your audience’s attention, in a visually appealing manner.

This blog will discuss the best practices for ad creatives, in which brands and businesses can raise awareness for their products and services, including tips on how to develop the best creative content, whilst maintaining and increasing their customer base on Instagram.

The Importance of the Ad Format

A still photo is until now the most effective mean of expressing a brand’s image and message when it comes to the visual creatives on Instagram. It is of utmost significance that the image represents the focal point of the ad.

And even though including a clear call to action (CTA) is recommended for many cases (e.g. ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Sign up Now’ in the form of a button), we strongly believe that the emphasis should be made on authentic, realistic imagery, rather than on ‘in your face advertising’, which purely displays an image of the product or service in question.

Be Authentic

It should, rather, emphasize on the lifestyle shown in the picture, the facial expressions, the authenticity, which enables the message to hit home with the viewers, allowing people to identify with the feelings and emotions captured in the image.

Think of the positioning of your product or service in this ad as serving the role of a sort of product placement, making it as relatable as possible to the viewer’s personal life. A good way of achieving this, is posting an image that looks native, like an organic Instagram post. Take the pic below, posted by Starbucks on their Instagram page, as the perfect example.

Effect of Colour

A published research study called ‘Impact of color in marketing’, revealed that a person can make a snap judgment within the first 90 seconds of their interaction with a product and that between 62% to 90% of those first impressions are based on the colors on display. The power of color is such, that it has the ability to shape up the personality and character of a brand.

Color psychology examples:

-       Green: peaceful, health, growth.

-       Blue: trust, dependability, strength

-       Red: excitement, youthful

-       Grey: balanced, neutral, calm

Although, what must be understood is that there isn’t really a set of rules or guidelines for the types of colors that a brand should use since each person can interpret colors differently to others.

It is, however, fundamentally down to the perceived appropriateness, the meaning of the color and its relevance and suitability to the brand.

Here’s an illustration that explains why these particular brands have may have opted to use certain colors as their primary ones.

Therefore it is believed that the colors used in your ad should coincide with your brand’s personality and the emotions it usually elicits, which leads us to our next point.

Be Consistent With Your Brand

As well as being artistic, creative and original, ad designs should ensure that they are consistent and in line with the brand’s campaign and overall image. This will, in turn, create an appeal for viewers and current customers, allowing them to find out more about the brand and its offers, whilst avoiding confusion and maintaining the same message and personality that the brand expressed from the outset.


There are several ingredients needed in order to successfully execute an ad creative on Instagram. Since this is mainly a visual platform, it’s important that your image appears organic, uses the appropriate colors and targets the right audience that you need to reach.

That combined with a consistent brand message will give your content a better chance of being received positively by the viewers.

Do you have any special tips or recommendations for when it comes to Instagram ad creatives?

What works for you? Let us know!