Reasons why Good Collaboration of Digital Teams Can Result in Better Content Creation

Content creation is not all about writing a few articles and publishing them on your site.

The content you create needs to be valuable to those reading it.

Its format needs to be engaging and interactive.

Most importantly, it needs to be flexible. As your digital strategy, goals, or audiences change, it needs to keep up with them.

This is why today’s content creators are not lone wolves anymore. In order to create really valuable content that resonates with their target audience, they need to collaborate with other digital teams.

Only this way will they be able to gather invaluable insights and create highly relevant and high-quality content.

Content Creation Goes Hand in Hand with SEO

Recently, we’ve been reading a lot about doing SEO without content marketing.

This makes us wonder whether this is really possible.

Well, let’s take an example of keyword research.

Many digital marketing experts claim that keyword research is the pillar of SEO. And, given the fact that there are more than 40,000 search queries on Google every second and that the majority of your clients/customers would never scroll the first page of search results, we can conclude that this statement is true.

It’s keywords that get you in front of the right people. However, your visibility means nothing if it doesn’t bring value. And, this is where content marketing steps in.

Crating quality, relevant, and engaging story around your content helps you position yourself as an authoritative source of information. Once it notices that people are constantly coming back to your site for more content and that they share and link to it regularly, Google will give your rankings a boost. And, higher rankings equal driving more organic traffic and targeting the right audiences.

However, it wouldn’t be true if we said that this isn’t a two-way relationship.

SEO helps content marketing, too.

No matter how creative your writers are and how awesome the content they create is, you need to get this content in front of the right people. And, this would be impossible without optimizing it for search engines using the right keywords. You need to know what your target audience searches for, what keywords your competitors target, and tailor your content to what you learn.

This is exactly why the collaboration between your team of technical SEOs and content writers is necessary. Only by working together on creating and optimizing your content for search engines will they manage to harness all its power.

Content Creation and Social Media are the Ultimate Combination

We all know that social media marketing is critical for content promotion. It gives you the opportunity to humanize your brand and reach out to wider audiences.

However, have you ever wondered how social media marketing can help you improve your content creation?

  • One of the main duties of your social media manager is to build brand awareness and engage people with your brand. To do so, they need to constantly listen to their followers, stay on top of their reviews on social networks, keep track of their comments (both positive and negative), shares and likes. In other words, they are able to understand target audience’s needs and preferences and can see what type of content resonates with them well. This is an invaluable insight that would help your content team better tailor their content to their readers’ expectations in the future.
  • The job of a social media manager is not just to share the content from your site, but also to share the relevant content other reputable people in your niche publish. This is called content curation and it has an incredibly large impact on boosting your credibility. Even though there are numerous social media management tools that can help them automate this process, your social media wizards will definitely have to do a detailed research to make sure that an article’s relevant enough to their readers. During their research, they may come across some important data, trends, and topics your content team hasn’t considered yet. These could definitely serve as a powerful source of information.

Your Sales Team’s Insights Help Writers Identify the Best Content Ideas

Just like we mentioned above, your content needs to resonate with the right people.

And, apart from your social media marketing team, this is where your sales team can help.

They communicate with the customers on a daily basis. They need to learn everything about their preferences, needs, worries, and expectations in order to close the deal. By working with them, content marketers will not only create content that works well for their target audience, but also engage them at every stage of the funnel.

And, this is immensely important, given the fact that the majority of your promotional content stays unused.

You should also encourage your sales team to promote your content, as it may help them close more leads.

And, everyone wins when revenue skyrockets!

The Data Shapes your Content Marketing Strategy

There is no uniform content marketing strategy. Right now, I can make a list of at least 5 types of content you should invest in and give you a bunch of tips and ideas on how to implement them. However, can I be 100% sure that they would work for you? Of course not.

Content marketing varies depending on your business’ niche and goals and it needs to be constantly adapted to them.

But, to change their content, your team first needs to know what works for them and what not.

This is where your team of data analysts steps in.

They will provide your content researchers with numerous important content marketing metrics, like bounce rates, retention rates, pages per visit, or time spent on page, showing them what types of content resonate or don’t resonate with their readers.

This is unbiased, highly relevant data that will help content marketers focus on those content types their target audience loves.

Now that we know the major reasons why encouraging fruitful collaboration between different digital teams are, here are a few strategies you should keep in mind.

Allow uninterrupted sharing and communication.

Did you know that email eats up a lot of your employees’ time, preventing them from focusing on their priorities?

This is exactly why you need to find more effective communication tools.

Invest in a business orchestration and automation tool that will, like its mere name says, orchestrate all your teams and different aspects of your business, making them far more transparent and accessible.

You can also invest in a powerful collaboration platform like Intellyo to give your teams the opportunity to communicate on their preferred platform in real-time. It integrates with the platforms vital for your business, such as Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive, Medium, and WordPress.

Look for the right soft skills.

To create a unique corporate culture and a positive workplace atmosphere, you should hire employees that are the right fit for your teams. So, instead of paying attention to their knowledge and experience, also look for the most important soft skills, like:

  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility
  • Attention to detail
  • Efficient problem solving
  • Strong work ethic
  • Time management
  • Highly developed communication skills

Make sure you invest enough in team building activities.

Your digital team should work like a well-oiled machine, where even the tiniest part has its purpose. And, to create such a cohesive team, you need to give them a chance to get to know one another outside the office. There is a myriad of awesome team building activities you should consider, such as:

  • A scavenger hunt
  • A board game tournament
  • A cook-off
  • A professional development workshop
  • A karaoke night

Do your digital marketing teams collaborate? In what ways do they work together and how effective do you find this collaboration to be?