#beaCrEator : Intellyo launches the Creator Engine

Intellyo launches their free content production software, the Creator Engine. The software enables content writers and bloggers, as well as companies, to manage every aspect of the content creation process and foster team collaboration.

Intellyo’s end-to-end solution which was built with the purpose of helping creators publish unique and optimised content fast and easy reducing the time spent on content production. From planning, through optimization and distribution, the entire workflow and communication takes place in one integrated platform. An automated content quality analyser provides tips on how to optimise your content and maximise its impact. Among several integrations, the Creator Engine runs an advanced keyword research with topic recommendations based on your focus keyword.

Intellyo gives emphasis to the collaboration and workflow management, as well as, implementing customized levels of authority between teams to boost their efficiency for advanced users.

“The uniqueness of the Creator Engine as a tool is not only that it simplifies the entire process of producing an article - from research, through creation to distribution. The vision of Intellyo is to put the content creator into focus, and strives to fulfill their real needs in this creative process..” - Norbi Gaal, Intellyo’s Head of Product.

The team has already begun developing additional improvements, including the automated distribution functionality to social integrations, Medium and WordPress. The Creator Engine’s Performance Dashboard is on the rise and it will provide concrete metrics, statistics and also track the user’s online presence on various social media platforms.

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