Go beyond traditional marketing in our Facebook group

Imagine your daily routine. Your daily online routine, I mean. I’m pretty sure it involves some Facebook activity, at least scrolling through the news feed, checking photos or write messages. Why wouldn’t you make the most out of it?

Besides these, Facebook is actually a really great tool for sharing knowledge, getting help, inspiring others or being inspired. Getting to know people from your field of interest from all around the world can be also fruitful. The best way to do all of these things at one place is a thematic group fitting to your favourite subjects, where questions and discussions are more than welcome!

Aiming to bring the special combination of online marketing, social media and artificial intelligence closer to you, we created our own open Facebook group called AI Marketers. We encourage members to share valuable content, raise questions, comment and discuss about the latest news of AI, marketing tips and tricks or anything else which comes to their mind related to the main topics.

Are you not a traditional marketer? Then AI Marketers’ group is the best place to be! If you are excited about AI, want to stay up-to-date and wish to provide something fresh and new to your clients, join us! Don’t be afraid of telling us what moves you, we’re excited to hear about your professional field and specialities! One more reason to scroll through Facebook, see you in the group!