Intellyo launches its Medium integration

Whether you use Medium to publish your latest articles or want to explore the platform for your business, you might need a little help to get the most out of it.

If you're looking to collaborate on your Medium stories you might come across some difficulties. Medium supports the sharing of drafts between the authors and they also integrated Google Docs to solve the collaborators' pain.

But we wanted more!

That's why we decided to build a Medium integration. You can set the editorial workflows, collaborate on articles in the Creator Engine in real-time and share them on your Medium account with one single click.

Medium in a nutshell

Medium is a publishing platform that hosts not just amateur writers – more and more professionals and businesses discover it as a great distribution channel. In fact, it's a great place for thought leaders to share their ideas.

Medium provides you with an instant audience by connecting to your Twitter account. So whoever follows you on Twitter and has a Medium account, becomes your follower on Medium as well. Sweet!

The founders of Medium aimed to build an ad-free platform with a clear design to support writers in expressing themselves. They focus on content creators and readers, that's what makes Medium stand out from the crowd.


These are the benefits of posting on Medium:

  1. Get new followers: since Medium connects to Twitter or Facebook, it can bring extra followers to your social media channels and increase the traffic to your website.
  2. Discover new audiences: whether you write for your own audience or publish on behalf of your clients, Medium offers the opportunity to be found by a new audience. It's a great tool to help you increase brand awareness.
  3. Get insights from your audience: Medium allows readers to express how much they enjoyed an article by giving claps👏🏼. It's a simple indicator of how valuable your article is for your audience.

Collaborate on Medium

Great articles are usually the fruits of great collaboration. Editors review the writers' articles, leave notes or more people collaborate on the same content.

Medium has made some effort to support collaboration with its Share Draft tool, however it doesn't offer the opportunity of real-time collaboration and workflow management.

Get ready, we are changing the game!

Our Content Management Platform, the Creator Engine, allows you to connect to your Medium account and work on your articles with other collaborators, in real time. You can easily distribute your article or draft on your Medium platform with one single click.

Use Grammarly to double check your Medium articles

The Creator Engine allows you to check the spelling of your article. It's quite handy since Medium doesn't support Grammarly at the moment. You can use your favorite grammar checker as usual.

How to connect the Creator Engine to your Medium account

  1. Go to your Creator Engine account or sign up to create a new account.
  2. Navigate to the left sidebar and click 'Setting' then click 'Integration'.
  3. Add 'Secondary distribution channel'
  4. Click Medium site
  5. Choose your Medium profile

How to collaborate on your Medium article

In order to collaborate with colleagues, you need to send them invitations to connect, so they can have access to your organization at some level. You can assign articles to collaborators and define the authority level as well.

If you are still on your Free Creator Engine Trial, all you need to do is invite others and we'll sort everything out for you. Your account gets upgraded to the Starter Plan automatically and your colleagues will get a Starter account by default.

Once you both have access to the article you can edit the content, review and assign tasks accordingly. It's important to know that collaborators who don't get assigned to an article, do not have access to it. Therefore your content is protected, only editors and the writer can modify and publish it.

You can also communicate on the Creator Engine platform, you find the chat bar in the right lower corner.

How to invite collaborators to your Creator Engine organization

add collaborator

  1. Go to 'Settings' on the left sidebar
  2. Click 'People'
  3. Click 'Add new member'
  4. Invite people by adding the 'Email address' and choosing their 'Role'
  5. You can easily change the roles of the members by clicking the three dots next to their profiles. You can also remove them here.

How to publish your article on Medium

  1. Once you've finished your article, navigate to the top sidebar and click 'Distribute'
  2. Choose your 'Primary distribution channel' first on the left and click 'Publish'
  3. Add your Medium profile as the 'Secondary distribution channel' on the right
  4. Click 'Publish'
GIF Medium

Can the Creator Engine publish articles on other platforms?

The answer is: YES!

At Intellyo, we wanted to create a solution that helps writers create impactful content. Regardless of your goals (brand awareness, lower acquisition costs or increase of revenues), we aim to support you from the very beginning starting with keyword research and until the end, the distribution part.

Remember, you don't need to be everywhere. Use data to find out where your audience is first. Connect the useful social media channels to your Creator Engine such as Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter and publish your content.

We'll give hints to follow the best practice during the process, we hope they help. ;)