Join The Intellyo Community On Slack

Slack, the team messaging app, was launched 5 years ago. Since then, the number of daily active users has reached over 6 million. If you're an enterprise, Slack provides you with a lot of handy features to communicate and organize your daily tasks within your teams. But what if you're not an enterprise?

Although Slack was originally built with enterprises in mind, the app has also been used as a chat tool for public workspaces, or "groups." These communities offer a free platform where people with shared interests can gather, network, share their knowledge, chat about the newest trends, inspire each other, ask for help and so much more!

Our Slack Community

At Intellyo, Slack is an essential part of our daily internal communication. It's effective, it has all the features we need and keeps us up to date as a team.

We soon realized that Slack has more to offer, so we started to build up our own community, the Content Creators' Hub! On the one hand, our goal is to provide a platform for people who create online content: journalists, bloggers, content marketers, writers – regardless whether they are beginners or experts in the field. On the other hand, we invite all the Creator Engine users to join. We help you with your questions, we have the opportunity to give real-time support if needed and keep you up to date with our newest features!

In our specific channels, you have the opportunity to find like-minded people, build relationships, ask questions and inspire others. When you join, just write a couple of things about yourself in the #introduction channel: what you do, what your interests are, where you come from.

We're so excited to have you there and get to know you a bit more! Are you looking for a freelancer? Post your job description in the #job channel! We're more than happy to hear about your recent accomplishments over #smallwins. Want to get some feedback on your latest article? Post it in our #feedback channel and discuss with the others about it. And for some motivational content head over to #motivation!

Would you like to join? You can easily do it here!