Publish your Blog's Articles on LinkedIn: a Creator Engine Integration

Whether you write content to drive traffic to your site or to establish authority in your business field, LinkedIn is a great opportunity to skyrocket your blog's online presence.

You can leverage the 450 millions of professionals willing to consume high-quality content on LinkedIn.

That's why we decided to build a LinkedIn integration. So you can publish your blog on LinkedIn in just a few clicks and also visualize how your post will look like.

What are the benefits of posting on LinkedIn?

According to ComScore, 70% of the time spent on digital media happens on mobile. Thus your content should be available on mobile-friendly platforms.

LinkedIn's provides a great experience for readers thanks to its app, tackling the users need to consume content on mobile. As LinkedIn mentions:

Publishing on LinkedIn not only helps boost your brand on the platform, it can help combat the mobile-first attrition most marketers are experiencing.

Before LinkedIn was considered as a business to business social media. Now it is the second most valuable platform for businesses targeting both B2C and B2B, after Facebook.


On top of that, it is relevant for Google or Bing searches, since they crawl every post on LinkedIn.

How can the Creator Engine assist you?

The Creator Engine is an online platform where you can write articles and distribute them on different social channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook Twitter, and Medium.

You can manage the whole content creation and distribution process in just one place.


The Creator Engine allows having a previsualization of the future posts on LinkedIn. It shows the featured images and titles and shorter descriptions.


How to Get Started

  1. Sign up for the Creator Engine and/or log in
  2. Navigate to Settings on the left sidebar
  3. Go to Integrations
  4. Connect to your Linkedin profile 
  5. Go to the Home Screen on the left sidebar and write a killer article.
  6. Publish from the Creator Engine by choosing your Linkedin profile as Secondary distribution channel at the distribution step.
  7. Keep an eye on the referral traffic to understand the impact of your article.
  8. Enjoy the results!

What's next?

Our product team is working on the integration of LinkedIn Pulse, so publishers will be able to draft their articles on the Creator Engine and later publish them on LinkedIn Pulse and other distribution channels. Dates will be announced 🔜