Small company, big ambitions: what is Intellyo up to in 2018?

New year, new goals. But first, let's see what's happened up until now.

2017 has been eventful for the Intellyo team, filled with happy moments and amazing results. We loved every minute of it. Here is a list of our biggest achievements that we are immensely proud of:

  • Joined and completed the 4 months of WeXelerate's accelerator program
  • Traveled 80,000 kilometres across Vienna all the way to Shanghai to spread the word about Intellyo
  • Welcomed 11 new members of the team in our Budapest & Vienna offices
  • Created more than 500 blog articles in the Creator Engine
  • Consumed about 40 kilograms of coffee beans, which got us through more than 2000 tireless working hours
  • Kicked off our awesome blog and welcomed more than 15,000 visitors
  • Wrote more than 100,000 lines of code
  • And we set 1 major goal for 2018...

We are launching our product in March 2018! Now for free.

Intellyo Creator Engine

Why are we doing this?

Over a year ago we started building Intellyo with the mission to make writing a truly creative process. We believe that inspiration shouldn't be killed by the lengthy, resource consuming tasks. We gathered the best product team a CTO could dream of and got down to work. It took us a while and many of you have been impatiently asking about our product.

The Creator Engine was born based on the dreams of our amazing content marketers. After working for several years writing blogs online, spending most of our time switching between SEO tools and getting lost in Excel sheets to manage articles, we said enough! So we built the solution.

Today we are happy to announce that it's here soon. Even better, you can sign up and experience the magic first hand and for free in March! Make sure to do it fast because our free package will only be available for a limited time period.

What's special about it?

We want to create something truly valuable, so we spoke with online publishers and developed features based on their suggestions. In the process, we understood that among other things, most of you struggle with time-consuming tasks, as well as, staying original while focusing on optimization - if there's any focus on it, at all.

Content is not king anymore, you can only win with quality and focus on SEO.

The trends of the ever-changing marketing scene show us that online content monetization is growing at a crazy rate and we are seeing the birth of an entirely new industry. If you ever considered making money out of your published pieces online, being good is not enough because you have to be the best.

Intellyo monetization of content

But how?

Now, imagine a tool that unifies the processes you are currently using. Instead of toiling away on the gruelling SEO research, you simply enter the topic of your choice and receive keyword and headline suggestions automatically, together with the best-performing articles on the given topic. No Excel sheets for research, no manual work, no hours wasted.

With one click, you choose your keyword of choice and simply start typing in a beautiful editor, which automatically corrects grammar, gives you on-page SEO tips to improve and even makes sure to run a plagiarism check. Easy peasy.

Are you collaborating with others? No problem! You can leave comments, assign several roles with different levels of authority and send articles for review before publishing. No more fussy e-mailing or copy-pasting links to pictures, because with Intellyo's Media Center inserting pictures only takes a minute.

Intellyo Media Center

Organise your calendar, share your articles on social media and analyse the performance of your masterpieces within one tool. No need to have 20 tabs open, and pay for several subscriptions because we made sure to have everything in one place for you. Just look out the window, sip your cappuccino and let your ideas flow.

What's in it for you?

I will stop listing the amazing things you can do with the Creator Engine because I would prefer that you try it. We are offering the entire experience for free. Save the date: March 2018, only a few weeks until your new favourite tool arrives!

Whether you are a blogger, a content creator for a company or someone who is just getting familiar with the fundamentals of online marketing, we are really excited to hear your constructive feedback and see what magic you will create using our tool.

We wish you an amazing year and we hope that it will be filled with exciting adventures and life-changing goals, just like ours!

With love,

The Intellyo Team

The Intellyo Team