The Intellyo Research Dashboard

At Intellyo, we believe content that has impact starts with research. And research starts with data. Which is why we have been working at putting together the perfect online marketing research dashboard, so that anyone can produce content with impact.

The Alpha version of our research dashboard has gone live this Monday (2nd October), giving you access to a host of data and information about your Facebook performance and one close competitor. Try it out yourself by adding your Facebook handle now!

Discover How You Compare to Your Competitors on Facebook

The alpha version of the Intellyo Dashboard offers you access to statistics such as Audience Growth, Total Reactions, Likes per Country and Source of Posts. And you can instantly compare these statistics, as well as seeing your best performing posts and the type of post that performed best. And you can see all of these over 7 day, 30 day or 60 day periods.

There’s more to come

Intellyo Research Dashboard

Giving you your Facebook data alone is not the end of our aims for the dashboard, however.

The private beta for the Intellyo Research Dashboard will be coming soon, and that will give you extra data and analytics that can help you produce great content that has great impact. For access to our private beta, sign up today, and be informed as soon as the beta goes live.

This will add extra features, such as the ability to add an extra competitor, as well as data from other social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

Why are we giving this away for free?

One of the aims of Intellyo is to give everyone the opportunity to create great content that has great impact. So we want everyone to have access to data that can help them produce better content.

This is an alpha launch, however. And one of the best things any company can do with any product is collect customer feedback. We want to improve the product and make it better to give you the best experience you can. And that means more than new features, it means a smoother experience from beginning to end. If you have any suggestions, feel free to reach out to us.

How does this connect to Content

At Intellyo, we believe that great content starts with great research. And that doesn’t just mean understanding what your customer wants, but what they already interact with. So identifying your competitors and seeing what they are doing is vital to producing content that has impact.

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