What is Intellyo?

Intellyo, the content marketing software

Produce valuable content

At Intellyo we believe that all the creators publishing on the internet deserve the right tools to make their voices heard above the digital noise. We believe that sharing valuable thoughts should be easy and convenient. This is the essence of our creator engine.

Innovative technologies have changed the way people perceive information. We want more of it, because we have almost unlimited access to it. We want to find answers to our questions, to educate ourselves before making decisions. That’s why ads are less effective and more expensive.

Banners are also interrupting. It’s something people don’t like and want to avoid at all cost. 

Creating great content is good for your audience and your business. It’s a win-win.

The Internet is a noisy place

Ranking First on Google's SERP is difficult. But when 75% of people check only the first page, there is a huge chance that your article will be lost in the ether.

Many companies have discovered the benefits of content marketing, which is why they put so much effort into creating value adding pieces. Customer-relevant content attracts visitors to niche websites, and builds trust with an audience.

3 Tools in one content marketing system

Intellyo is a headless CMS that helps writers collaborate, create and distribute data driven, SEO optimized content and distribute it.

To explain what Intellyo can do, I have prepared a user story for you.

Ana’s Story:

story user

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