5 SEO Tips to Increase Website Conversions

SEO or search engine optimization is the art of increasing website leads through enhancing website search-ability. Whether you love or hate Google, SEO is not going away.

The only sure thing about SEO is it will always change and staying abreast of the latest is vital. You might be wondering, “What can I do to increase my website visits and get conversions?”.

There are many factors that involve SEO rankings that beat can beat out your competition. Below are 5 key SEO tactics that can help give you an instant boost and ultimately lead to sales.

1. Develop a sound content marketing strategy

Google’s mission statement, “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”, is a brief but telling statement. In fact, the last word is our focus for developing a content strategy that works.

In the past writing for the search engines was the norm. In today’s day and age, a new mindset is on the forefront. Write for the user and only the user. But what does this mean?

With the advent of Google’s Rank Brain, the third most important ranking factor, the user becomes king. Google created Rank Brain to address the growing trend of voice search.

Voice search allows users to search the world wide web by using only their voice. Because of this, search keywords are becoming more like search phrases. As a result, Rank Brain is dealing with searches that have never before been searched. Its job is to figure out what the user actually means, and serve the best results that will be the most useful.

In fact, a recent study by an SEO company in Denver, CO concluded that 22% of those using voice search have made a purchase using this method of search. This statistic continues to grow.

With this in mind, your content should revolve around the user itself. Start with creating personas. Know who you are writing the content for. Before you ever put pen to paper consider:

  • Who is my typical customer?
  • Where do they live?
  • How old are they?
  • Are they well educated?
  • What questions about my business do they ask?

By knowing who you are writing for, you are not only appealing Rank Brain, but you are ultimately answering questions about what people are searching for in terms of your business.

Now that you have a typical customer’s persona in mind it is time to start the conversation. I use the term conversation here because that is how you should begin to gear your content. A more conversational approach appears to have better subject matter, is more thorough, and speaks to the person searching.

The end result is better content and better search rankings for your website.

2. Speed Up Your Website

There is nothing worse than going to a website and expecting to have your questions resolved but the site seems to take an eternity to load. In an instant, you bounce back to the search results. Not only does Rank Brain rank you based on your content, but studies suggest that it can up-rank or down-rank you based on the user experience.

Not only that, but Google announced officially that it will start taking into account page speed as a ranking factor mid-summer 2018. I have a feeling that this has already begun, but it’s nice to have official confirmation from the big “G” .

There are numerous ways to go about speeding things up.

  • Get better hosting
  • Optimize your image files
  • Use a Content Delivery Network such as cloudflare.com
  • Optimize your internal links and backlinks
  • Remove high usage resources like video headers
  • CMS plugins to optimize caches
  • Etc.

If you are not sure what your website speed is like, Google has a great tool that can not only tell you how fast your site is, but also how to fix it.

3. Use Your Meta Titles the Right Way

Still a great place to be a bit obnoxious about keywords is the title tag. I am not saying stuff all the keywords you can into this tag, but this is a good place for traditional keywords to be placed. The short and to the point keywords.

What are title tags?

Title tags are the tabs at the top of your web browsers address bar. These are some of the first signals about your website that get sent to Google’s algorithm. So many sites are poorly optimized when it comes to the title tag. Imagine how many sites are inadvertently trying to rank for the word “Home”?

All kidding aside, if you use names like home, about, or contact us in your title tags then you are doing a disservice to your site.

Title tags give you around 70 characters to add your keywords. Describe what your page is about. If you are a dentist in New Orleans, then your title tag should say something similar to that.

4. Google My Business

For local business, this is a must. Be sure to claim your Google My Business Listings. Not only do you get a nice link from Google, this is the only way to appear in the map pack. Whether you have an existing GMB page or if you need to still claim your spot, be sure to fill out as much info as humanly possible. Double check all the information from your open hours to your business category and make sure it is as accurate as can be. You also have the ability to upload photos and videos which is also recommended.

By claiming your business listing you instantly add another avenue for customers to find you, leave you great reviews and interact with your business in different ways.

5. Get Social

Social profiles are not only good for SEO from a standpoint of a referring domain, but also meets your potential customers where they are at. This offers up another channel during the buyer’s journey potentially leading to a sale. It also is another channel to provide excellent customer service in which other potential buyers who are on the fence will see.

No one really knows at which point someone on a buyer’s journey decides to by, but studies tell us that by being in all those places a customer might be is important. One missed the interaction and you could be forgotten.

Share relevant posts about your business, and grow your page. Not only will this help convert customers but showing Google that you are “open for business” sends them signals that you are a legitimate business for the long haul.

What’s Next?

There are ranking factors in the hundreds, but don’t let that frighten you. As long as you are constantly in your approaches and writing for your users you are better off than yesterday. With a few tweaks such as the above, you are one step closer to becoming the authority on your site’s topic and one step closer to a sale.

With these simple steps, improving your rankings is a distinct possibility.